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CTC Publications



CTC Publications are a group of products developed solely for the specific needs of the executives that make up the CTC. The goal of CTC Publications is to provide a channel for CTC participants to keep abreast of the latest conversations taking place at roundtables as well as to provide insight into the research and topics important to CTC participants.

CTC Guides

An in-depth look at a specified topic that is developed via interviews with treasury executives. Presented as bi-monthly case studies, with practical applications and tools such as models and checklists.

CTC Update

The CTC Update is a collection of articles and thoughtful analysis that are a result of the discussions at the CTC roundtables. CTC Update is presented in a newsletter format and published quarterly.

CTC Research Perspectives

A qualitative perspective providing detailed analysis, benchmarks and ideas revolving around one of AFP’s original research reports.

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