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Leadership in Treasury

Leadership in Treasury - Summer 2014

Leadership and Talent Development is top of mind with executives because it highlights the true strength of treasury—and that is leadership. As they say in just about any business, it’s all about the people. And so it is in treasury, with treasurers leading their people by developing them, encouraging them and thereby retaining their top talent.

As is reflected in this publication, there’s not one answer or one way of leading, but you will find a common theme, and that is making sure as a leader you also get the right education and training in order to learn how to be a great leader. Discover what a number of very highly qualified and experienced treasurers have done, to do just that.



World-Class Treasury & Finance


For years treasurers were expected to provide short-term cash solutions, but everything changed with the onset of the 2008 financial crisis. Senior management demanded more visibility into corporate cash and treasurers responded remarkably well.

In the post-2008 environment you are expected to think and act strategically, to deploy your staff and the company’s cash more prudently than ever before and to lead and inspire.

This publication offers insight from distinguished leaders - the United States military, Silicon Valley and Wall Street - and case studies from treasury executives across a variety of industries.


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